Splashtop OS Debuts with ASUS

Splashtop OS Debuts with ASUS

-- Splashtop provides unique rapid-boot internet solutions for ASUS’ P5E3 WiFi-AP Motherboard --

Fremont, CA (October 10, 2007) - DeviceVM, a San Jose-based company developing rapid-start computing technologies, announced today its collaboration with ASUS, the leading worldwide motherboard, components and notebook manufacturer to integrate Splashtop’s platform into upcoming motherboards, starting with the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP. Splashtop is a new technology developed by DeviceVM that enables users to boot their PCs and access the Internet in seconds. ASUS is branding the Splashtop platform "Express Gate" for its upcoming motherboards.

“Splashtop provides an ‘instant-on’ experience for users who want to quickly access the Internet to browse, email, or chat,” says Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM. “By partnering with ASUS, we’re given a great opportunity to help millions of users enjoy freedom from long boot times and cluttered operating systems.”

Residing within a motherboard’s BIOS, Splashtop uses an efficient Linux-based operating system to run various pre-loaded programs. ASUS’ Express Gate applications include a web browser, Skype VOIP/Chat, and features multi-language support. ASUS can also perform remote program updates for the Splashtop platform. Splashtop operates as a powerful complement to a larger, hard-drive based operating system such as Windows or Linux.

“ASUS is very pleased to partner with an innovative leader such as DeviceVM,” says Jackie Hsu, President of ASUS USA. Jerry Shen, President of ASUS AOOP Business Group, adds, “Splashtop is an exciting breakthrough in personal computing, providing a great experience for consumers who want to get online significantly faster than ever before.”...

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