Speakal Kicks Around miSoccer iPod Dock/Speaker Station

Speakal is no Apple, but it has certainly generated a name for itself due to its iPig speakers. Those USB wonders have sold like hotcakes, and folks needing a gag gift for the technology lover in their life have probably fallen in love with this here company. Just in time for this holiday season, Speakal is returning with an all new gift that's sure to make some of you giggle: the miSoccer iPod Docking Station Speaker.

The company is understandably taking advantage of the fact that the World Cup is now on the minds of sports fans everywhere, and of course, the iPod has refused to leave anyone's mind. Essentially, what we're looking at here is what happens when an iPod dock and a soccer ball collide, but thankfully for your dear iPod, there are a few legs keeping this thing for rolling around at will. You may just assume by looking at it that this is just some lousy toy, but the 23+ watts of power, Humanized Touch Control and bundled remote suggest otherwise. And so does the $119.99 price tag.

“As The World Cup Championship nears - the world’s largest sporting event for Soccer players and fans - Speakal is thrilled to present the miSoccer to its Music and sports fans,” announced David Solomon, CEO. “Our goal is to introduce innovative and quality audio products that relate to one’s lifestyle and that express who we are and what we like,” added Mr. Solomon.

The miSoccer boasts 23+ watts of high quality sound through a 15 watt subwoofer and two multi-way speakers. Along with its superior sound quality, the miSoccer offers many innovative features, such as its compatibility with all of the iPods® with dock connector, the Humanized Touch Control, the remote control that manages the sound and its quality as well as the docked iPod ®.

Priced at $119.99 the miSoccer is available today at www.speakal.com/misoccer.html.

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