Spam now accounts for 83% of email

It seems to be something we will never get rid of - email spam.  Right now, an estimated 60 - 150 billion spam emails, that's billion with a "b", are sent daily.  That's a huge number, and one has to wonder how much time and effort is spent on stopping, or at least slowing down, the torrent.
Unwanted commercial e-mail is growing by electronic leaps and bounds: An Internet-buckling 60 billion to 150 billion messages per day. Put another way: A whopping 83% of all e-mail comes from suspicious Internet addresses. Spam is up 100% from a year ago because "there still is money to be made from marketing Viagra and get-rich-quick schemes," says David Mayer, a product manager at e-mail security firm Ironport Systems, the Cisco Systems division that sponsored the report.
Small wonder that the statistics are what they are, when you have companies such as Pfizer so lax in their security measures that corporate PCs are used for spamming.

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