Southwest Finalizes In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans For Q2 2010

In-flight Wi-Fi has been around for a few years now, but only in limited circumstances. Just a few airlines have bought in, and even then, in-flight Wi-Fi is only available on select routes. It's definitely a fledgling technology, and we can certainly see it expanding rapidly in the coming years and more and more passengers make clear that Internet is more important than food.

We kid, we kid. Southwest Airlines has finally announced that their in-flight Internet plans are back on track, after dealing with a number of delays that likely involve red tape that you're frankly not interested in. Row 44 has now been signed on to provide the equipment necessary to give passengers the ability to surf the web while in the air, with installation slated to begin in the second quarter of this year.

The airline is hoping to install the service into about 15 planes per month at first, and they're hoping to get that up to 25 planes per month in the future. At this rate, every single plane in its fleet (all 540 of them) will be Wi-Fi equipped in early 2012. Not bad!

Pricing for the service hasn't been announced, but a blog posting on the company's website assures us that it will be reasonably priced. Slowly but surely, the Web is taking over the skies. And we love it.