South Korea's SK Telecom Announces LTE Support

South Korea is well known around the world as a country with absolutely outstanding Internet access. But that's fixed broadband. America's broadband ain't bad given the sheer size of the country, but there's definitely improvement to be made on the wireless side. Speaking of wireless (and South Korea), we know you're probably wondering how the nation stacks up there. Well, according to a new report, the country's top mobile carrier (SK Telecom) will be launching a radically fast 4G service this month to satisfy growing demand for high-speed access from smartphone and tablet owners.

They're choosing LTE for the rollout, and it'll be available in Seoul soon and nationwide by 2013. South Korean carriers typically rely on WiBro / WIMAX technology, but LTE is now infringing on that territory. LTE is clearly won the war in America, with both Verizon Wireless and AT&T announcing support for it, and SK Telecom hopes to attract around 300,000 users in Q2 2011 and up to 10m users by 2015.

And guess what? No word of bandwidth caps.