SoundHound Hound Speech Recognition Tech, So Accurate And Fast It Will Blow Your Mind

Your digital voice assistant app is incompetent. Yes, Siri can give you a list of Italian restaurants in the area, Cortana will happily look up the weather, and Google Now will send a text message, if you ask it to. But compared to Hound, the newest voice search app on the block, all three of the aforementioned assistants might as well be bumbling idiots trying to outwit a fast talking rocket scientist.

At its core, Hound is the same type of app -- you bark commands or ask questions about any number of topics and it responds intelligently. And quickly. What's different about Hound compared to Siri, Cortana, and Google Now is that it's freakishly fast and understands complex queries that would have the others hunched in the fetal position, thumb in mouth.

SoundHound Hound

Think we're exaggerating? You won't after watching the following video demonstration. The video shows Hound responding to a wealth of questions, some of which are soft pitches and others much more complex. Some are also multi-layered, such as asking "What is the population of Japan and China and their areas in square miles and square kilometers, and also tell me how many people live in India and what is the area code for Germany, France, and Italy?" As you'll see in the video, Hound spits out accurate answers to each question without delay. We tried pinging Google Now with the same query and were directed to a list of Google search results, which showed a bunch of entries for Hound. Have a look:

In addition to speed and accurate results, Hound's strength is in understanding natural language. Other digital voice assistant apps can as well, but Hound seems to do a far better job at parsing plain language and figuring out what exactly it is you're asking. An example of this is when the narrator in the above video asks Hound, "What is the population of capital of the country in which Space Needle is located?" Hound correctly surmises that he's asking for the population of Washington, DC, and gives him the answer (601,732). Equally impressive is Hound's ability to calculate the number of days are between the day after tomorrow and three days before the second Thursday of November in 2022.

The secret sauce to Hound's recipe for awesomeness is its Speech-to-Meaning engine.

"Hound takes speed and accuracy to a whole new level by combining Speech Recognition and Language Understanding. Just recognizing words isn't good enough, so Hound does language understanding at the same time. This Speech-to-Meaning capability makes Hound the new way to search and do things faster without typing," SoundHound explains.

Intrigued? Hound is currently in beta for Android, and if you'd like to participate, go here and request an invite. SoundHound also has plans on bringing Hound to iOS, though no specific time frame has been given.