Sorry About the Wait, but New 27-inch iMacs Not Shipping Until New Year

Apple introduced its new iMac models in October, and although the 21.5-inch version is now available, the 27-inch version’s ship date keeps getting pushed back. You can still preorder it from Apple, but the initial ship date of sometime in December is no longer happening. Instead, the website says that the models will be available to ship in January.

Because Apple is being vague, we can’t tell if that’s January 1st or January 31st. Thankfully, this development probably doesn’t affect customers’ holiday gift-giving plans too much, as the previous estimated ship date would have been just after Christmas anyway. (Side note: If you were planning to give one of these lovely machines as a gift, we’d like to officially join your family, please.)

Apple iMac

Those patiently waiting for a 27-inch iMac have a ways to go yet (thank supply chain delays), but the 21-inch versions are available and will arrive on your doorstep in 7-10 days business days.