Sony's Walkman NWZ-W252 Climbs On Your Head And Hangs With Sweat

With the glut of portable audio and media players out these days, it really takes a special product to catch our attention. Something unique, something a little off-the-wall, and something that actually differentiates itself from all those other mundane MP3 players. Sony has somehow managed to do that with their latest Walkman, which is tailor made for fitness junkies or those who'd rather use a self-contained unit than deal with messy earbud cabling.

The new W250 Series Walkman is designed to worn on the head, and due to its water resistant abilities, sweating it out won't be a problem. It also features quick charge and simple transfers, both of which should keep runners on the track longer and on the sidelines by the PC less. The NWZ-W252 has a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design, up to 2GB of internal storage and the ability to regain enough battery life to go for 90 minutes with only a three minute charge.

Best of all, it will sell for just $60 when it ships later this month, just in time for those long beach runs that you've been planning.

Sony Announces New Wearable, Water Resistant W250 Series Walkman® MP3 Player

WHO: Ideal for fitness and exercise enthusiasts, the new Sony Walkman W Series, model NWZ-W252, features a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design.

WHAT: The new Sony Walkman W Series is designed to improve it's users audio experience during workouts and other forms of exercise. It features a lightweight, water-resistant frame that ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside -- even if used in the rain.

Additionally, the Walkman W series comes with Content Transfer software that allows users to move music files and playlists straight from a PC or iTunes"! library (not including DRM files). With 2 GB of maximum capacity, the new Walkman W Series can hold approximately 470 songs (4 minute length at 128 kbps).

For those on-the-go or users who have simply forgotten to charge their MP3 player before a workout, the new Walkman NWZ-W252 offers a quick charge function. With only three minutes of charge time, the player will receive enough power for up to 90 minutes of use. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.

WHERE: The Sony W Series Walkman, model NWZ-W252, will be available this month for about $60, Sony Style retail stores and other authorized retailers nationwide.