Sony’s Gorgeous, Unbelievably Thin Android Ultra 4K TVs Start At $2,499

Thin is in these days. It seems as though manufacturers are always looking to deliver the thinnest smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers (sometimes at the expense of functionality, as witnessed by the new 12-inch MacBook). That quest to down another bottle of SlimFast has not been lost on Sony, which is debuting its latest range of Ultra HD TVs. Your smartphone is probably thicker than Sony’s new X900C 4K Ultra HD TV, which hits shelves this week. The new TV is not quite 0.2 inches thick, making it resemble a picture hanging on your wall, rather than a 55-inch or 65-inch screen. 


Super-slim TVs aren’t cheap, particularly when they deliver 4K goodness. The 54.6-inch model is priced at $2,499, while 1080p Sony TVs in the same 55-inch class go for less than $1,000 at Best Buy. The larger version, which has a 64.5 inch (diagonal) 4K display, is available for $3,999. Both TVs feature the X-Reality PRO Picture Engine for upscaling HD content to 4K quality. 

Sony also plans to release the X910C 4K Ultra HD TV soon, though it hasn’t been more specific about a launch date other than to indicate that it would be available “this summer.” The X910C will bust more than a few budgets at $5,499, but the price comes with bragging rights: Sony says that the TV will be the thinnest 74.5-inch TV ever made. The TV will have the same upscaling engine as the smaller models and will have an ultra-thin frame.

SonyX900C on stand

Both the X900C and X910C models are smart TVs running Google Android TV so you’ll have access to Netflix, YouTube, and the like. Importantly for gamers, the TVs will support PlayStation Now this summer. Sony’s PlayStation Now will let you stream PlayStation 3 games.

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