Sony's Super Sized 84-inch 4K TV Carries a Humongous Price Tag

Sony today revealed how much its gargantuan 84-inch XBR-84X900 4K television set is going to cost, but if you were holding onto a shred of hope that you'd be able to afford one, then you would have been better off had Sony kept its mouth shut. That's assuming, of course, that you don't have $24,999.99 to drop on a TV. If you do, then forget what we just said and enjoy watching the Patriots beat the Packers in the Super Bowl on your new television. Oh, and don't forget to send us an invite.

There are two main reasons Sony's XBR-84X900 costs more than a car. First, it's 84 inches, which might be more roomy than that sub-compact you're driving around. And secondly, it boasts a 4K resolution, or 3840x2160, which is four times higher than Full HD 1080p (1920x1080). Content is currently lacking to take full advantage of that resolution, but in its absence, Sony says the XBR-84X900's XCA8-4K chip upscales HD (or lower resolution) images to 4K.

Sony XBR-84X900

Other features include dynamic edge-lit, LED backlighting, a 10 unit "Live" speaker system, 3D support, network connectivity, and SimulView gaming, which allows two players to watch two separate Full HD pictures at the same time.

Did you convince yourself to buy one? If so, you can place your pre-order starting tomorrow, with models shipping to stores in November.