Sony's Struggling PlayStation Vita Sees a Significant Price Drop in Japan

Sony Japan announced some big price cuts for its PlayStation Vita handheld console, with savings of up to 33 percent depending on the model. Sony's aim is to bring the PS Vita to "more users," according to a Google Translated press release, though the real story is that the handheld just hasn't attracted as many gamers as Sony hoped it would at this point, though things looked promising a year ago.

Interestingly, both the 3G and Wi-Fi only model now cost the same at 19,980 yen (around $215), down from the Wi-Fi model's original price of 24,980 yen ($265) and the 3G's original price tag of 30,000 yen ($320). Sony didn't say anything about phasing out the Wi-Fi only model, but since it's priced the same as the 3G SKU, most gamers will probably opt for the higher-end model.

PS Vita

Sony didn't announce any price cuts for the rest of the world, confirming to various sources that this current one is specific to Japan only. That doesn't mean there won't be any in the U.S. and other territories, though it seems more likely Sony will try and push more value-added bundles rather than lower the MSRP.

In the U.S., the Wi-Fi only PS Vita sells for $249 and the 3G goes for $299. There are a handful of bundles available, including one that comes with Assassin's Creed III Liberation and a 4GB memory card for no extra cost.