Sony’s ‘Sirius’ Android Superphone Leaked, Features 15MP Camera, 4K Video Support

Sony's Xperia Sirius (D6503) superphone has been making appearances on the web for over a month now, though it's the latest leaked photos that may reveal the most interesting part of the device. Based on the latest images, it looks like the Xperia Sirius will wield a 16-megapixel camera and offer up native support for 4K video recording.

There's a good chance Sony will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month, but in the meantime, XDA Developers Forum member "iRimas" has been keeping the Android community in the loop with photos and screen grabs.

Sirius Camera App

It's pretty clear Sony is putting a lot of emphasis on photography, a tactic that Nokia has been using with its Windows Phone devices. The advantage Sony has is that Android is a much more popular platform than Windows Phone in the mobile space.

Sirius Screenshot

If the leaked screenshots are any indication, the Xperia Sirius will come loaded with photo and video recording features, things like Steady Shot, geotagging, touch capture, photo editing tools, timeshift video, AR effect, background defocus, and lots more. There will also be a Manual mode, giving users a DSLR-like experience.