Sony's PSP Sales Reach 70 Million Worldwide

Sony's PlayStation Vita is the next big thing from Sony's handheld gaming department, but if you're curious as to how the long-lived PlayStation Portable line is doing, here are the numbers. Sony has just revealed that a whopping 70 million PSP handhelds have been sold globally up until now, starting way back in December of 2004. That's a big, big number, no matter how you slice it. It's important to note that Nintendo still holds the overall gaming handheld crown, but they effectively started the trend way back with the Game Boy. Their DS line alone has sold well over 100 million units to date, so Sony's still lagging in that regard, but it's still a ton of units and has for sure been profitable for them by now.

On the games front, more than 3,200 titles on UMD are available worldwide, with cumulative software sales reaching 298 million units to date. In addition to packaged games, many games have become available for download via PlayStation 3 or PC, with a total of over 2180 titles -- ranging from PSN exclusives to Archive titles -- being included in the tally.

So, anyone throwing a party now that the 70m threshold has been reached? Or are you all still upset about the whole "PSN is down!" thing?
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