Sony's New Head Unit Does Phone / App Control Via MirrorLink

Head units don't usually get a heck of a lot of love, but Sony's newest is quite the technophile. The XAV-601BT is a powerful, large unit that's engineered to be used with your smartphone at the helm. There are two USB ports for simultaneous connection of phone and MP3 player/flash memory, and it supports firmware updates for compatibility with growing range of apps and smartphones. It also packs an enormous 6.1" touch panel, 3D-style graphics, and something that no other head unit has to date: MirrorLink compatibility.

If you've got a MirrorLink-capable phone, you can access its media collection and compatible apps right on the unit's display -- all while the phone charges over USB. Directions and navigation can be handled from the phone as well. Nokia's 701, 700, 603, N8, E7, C7, X7, and C6-01 are all supported up front, and more phones should be coming courtesy of firmware updates. Riding shotgun? No sweat. Passenger App Control allows your passenger view videos and interact with apps from their connected iPhone and iPod Touch on the head unit’s touchscreen. The unit is slated to hit retailers in June (that's this month, you know!), but pricing is still under wraps.