Sony's Google TV-Powered Network Media Player Up For Pre-Order

Google TV. Remember that? It's still around, and evidently Sony isn't giving up on the support just yet. While the Google TV platform hasn't seen a huge deal of consumer uptake, it's still a promising idea; one that really needs pay-TV backing to truly be useful. However, the NSZ-GS7 is probably the most interesting Google TV product to date. It's a Network Media Player, but instead of using a proprietary UI, it's powered by Google TV. Hook it up to any HDMI-enabled television, and you'll get a web browser, media player, Google TV browsing interface, etc. It also ships with a full QWERTY keyboard, a Touchpad that supports gestures, and a Microphone for voice commands.

The Google TV difference starts with the cross search functionality, which crawls all content sources available from Broadcast providers and the Internet to deliver customized Video results on demand. It'll ship soon for $199, making it a bit more expensive than the Apple TV. But, of course, the Apple TV doesn't ship with that swanky remote...
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