Sony's Google TV Set-Top Box Updated with Voice Search and New Remote

The streaming revolution will be televised, but will Google TV be the star of the show? Companies haven't given up on the ambitious platform, and in fact Sony just announced its latest Google TV product, a sleek-looking set-top box (NSZ-GS8) with voice search support and a nifty remote control, combing both new school and old school navigation options into a single Internet appliance.

Chrome provides the browsing experience (no big surprise there), though you can surf the web using only your voice. Simply speak into the remote and the browser will take you where you want to go.

Sony Google TV

"You might wonder, why should I go with the Sony Google TV player instead of any of the so-called 'smart TVs' out there? Don’t fool yourself – your smart TV probably isn’t as smart as you think," Sony stated in a blog post. "Sure, it’s smarter than the TVs of yesteryear, like that’s saying much, and they’ll connect Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and others through apps. But, c’mon, that’s like kindergarten smart. Have you ever leaned back on the sofa and tried to really hit the web and go surfing? Save yourself the trouble, as it’s nearly impossible, and far from user friendly as you have to type out the entire – and exact – URL. Not smart!"

Sony Remote

That's not to say you can't physically type in the URL you're looking for or the search query you're after. On the back of the remote control is a physical QWERTY keyboard, which you can always resort back to if you don't feel like talking to the handheld device. Maybe it's late at night and the family is asleep, or you came down with laryngitis. Either way, you have options.

The Sony Internet Player with Google TV, as it's officially called, will be available in early July for $199 MSRP.