Sony's "Future Of Television" Arrives: It's An 84" 4K HDTV

Hello, beautiful. There really isn't a whole lot more to say about Sony's new HDTV, but we'll try. At IFA in Berlin, Sony unveiled "the future of television," and while such wording is bold, it may honestly be warranted in this particular case. The company's newest is a massive 84" set, and better still, it's a 4K HDTV, which ought to make your 1080p set look plainly dated. It's the company's first TV made to handle native 4K (3840x2160), which is four times the Full HD capabilities that exist widely already. The new XBR 4KTV will arrive in Sony Stores and select retail locations in North America later this year, well before most of us can procure 4K content that we don't shoot ourselves on a RED or Canon camera.

As you'd expect, this one also supports 3D. Not a huge surprise, given that Sony has pushed 3D about as hard as any company could. The XBR-84X900 4K TV also boasts a 10 Unit Live Speaker system for virtual 5.1 surround, and it also offers full network connectivity. If you've got an Android tablet, download the Media Remote App to control things that way. With built-in WiFi users can access movies, TV shows, and online video and music through the Sony Entertainment Network suite of services including Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Netflix, Pandora, Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity and more than 50 other popular internet entertainment providers.

Price? Nah, there's no price. But let's just say that you should start saving right now if you even have a prayer of affording this thing.
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