Sony Unveils ‘Honami’ Experia Z1 Water Resistant Smartphone with 20MP Camera

Sony wants to move up the ladder in the mobile phone industry, and it plans to do with a new smartphone that boasts a 20.7 megapixel camera. The company is taking aim at third place (behind Apple and Samsung, which represents a healthy share of the market. Can a high-end camera make that sort of difference for a smartphone and its maker?

Sony has its eye on the top 3 with the new Sony Xperia Z1, with a 27MP built-in camera.

Full HD TRILUMINOS display on the Sony Experia Z1

On paper, the Experia Z1’s phone camera looks like it really could rival some traditional, digital cameras. And we’re not just saying that because it has a 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor. The camera also has a high quality lens in the Sony F2.0 G Lens. (Keep in mind that Sony is already well known for making DSLR lenses.) The phone also boasts 3x zoom and X-Reality technology for sharpening images. Of course, if the phone’s camera isn’t enough for you, you’ll be able to attach the QX10 or QX100 attachable camera, which will start at around $264.

Sony QX camera for Experia Smartphones
The Sony QX series camera attaches to certain phones (including the Experia Z1) for extra photo-taking muscle.

There’s more to the Experia Z1 than its camera: a 5-inch display, for one thing, and serious water resistance, for another. In fact, according to Sony, the phone is actually waterproof, so long as you keep it just below the surface of the water. Taking underwater pictures shouldn’t be a problem, unless you forget to pop that cover for the micro USB port into place. Sony is taking preorders now in Europe for the Experia Z1 at about $934.