Sony To Restore PSN Access In Japan, Make Things Whole Again

Sony's had a lot of ups and down lately. A lot of downs when it comes to keeping information private, and keeping their online services online. And while they've been doing everything they can to get things back in order, the days have dragged on and on. When you get used to a service working without question each and every day, a couple of weeks off feels like an eternity. Sony mentioned specifically that users in Japan wouldn't have service until things were swept over with a fine-tooth comb. But now, according to a new report, it seems that the company is finally ready to fully restore PSN services to every region they serve.

This week, the company is slated to restore PlayStation Network access in Japan, which will end a 2.5 week suspension and bringing a stop to the taunting, hopefully. That means that the homeland will be able to use PSN and Qriocity, starting today on July 6. Will this mark the end of Sony's hacker troubles? Or will they become a target once more?
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