Sony Kneecaps Its Own PlayStation Vita Console, Removes YouTube And Maps Apps

Sony took to Twitter to announce that it's ending support for the PlayStation Vita's Maps and near features support, which will be wiped away in a forthcoming update. In addition, Sony will also eradicate the YouTube application, telling users that if they want to watch YouTube content, they'll have to use the browser application.

"All features of the [Maps] application and some features of the [near] application will be disabled with the PlayStation Vita system software update planned on March, 2015. Functionalities of the applications will be removed automatically once users update their PlayStation Vita. The disablement of features will not affect gameplay," Sony said in an expanded statement.

PlayStation Vita

As for YouTube, it will no longer be supported after April 20, 2015. Likewise, the YouTube app will no longer be available to download from the PlayStation Store effective January 28, 2015

Sony didn't offer up an explanation as to why it's removing certain features from the PS Vita, though it likely has to do with licensing fees. Features likes Maps and YouTube are widely available on smartphones and tablets, so it's possible that Sony's looking to save some coin by focusing on the PS Vita's core functionality, which is gaming on the go.

Whatever the reason, the announcement isn't sitting well with some PS Vita owners.

"Sigh...Why did you guys even create the Vita? So much potential down the drain," a user responded to Sony's Twitter post.

"Wow, devices should be upgraded not downgraded. This is ridiculous," another user wrote.