Sony to Kill Off MiniDisc Walkman, Grief Counseling Not Needed

It's the end of an era for Sony's MiniDisc Walkman player, an era you may not have realized was underway. It doesn't matter now anyway, because Sony is reportedly stopping shipments of its soon-to-be-defunct music player that was never very popular in the U.S. to begin with.

Turns out that you crazy kids were more interested in cassettes, CDs, and now MP3 players, like the iPod and Zune. There just was never much demand for Sony's MiniDisc Walkman, which debuted nearly a decade ago in 1992. As of last March, Sony had only sold 22 million units.

We don't imagine anyone will shed a tear for the MiniDisc Walkman, but in case you're interested in snagging one to add your collection of discontinued products, you better act fast. Sony will stop shipments beginning in September.