Sony Teases With 3D Experience Portal On BRAVIA HDTVs

Sony and 3D go together like two peas in a pod. From the very beginning of 3D's recent rise, Sony has been there to push things along. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that the company has today launched the 3D Experience, a new, free of charge on-demand streaming service offering a range of promotional video clips and trial content in 3D, including highlights of “Wimbledon 2011”, all in stunning 3D.

It'll be available starting this week to BRAVIA HDTV owners, immediately after purchase and without registration, and plan to expand to “Blu-ray Disc” Players and “Blu-ray Disc” Home Theater Systems. It will initially launch in five countries: the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany and France.

“3D Experience” will provide instant access to an extensive range of 3D clips and trial content from a wide variety of genres, including movies, music, sports, and documentaries, with about 30 titles available at launch. Content available via this service will include highlights of “Wimbledon 2011,” movie trailers from releases such as “Green Hornet” and “Monster House” in 3D, promotional clips of original 3D programming from 3net (the U.S. 3D television network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX) and 3D promotional music video clips. Highlights of the “FIFA 2011 Women’s World Cup Germany” will be also available in the U.S. Going forward, Sony plans to further expand the content line-up and promote “3D Experience” among content holders as a forum through which to showcase their 3D offerings.

This definitely sounds like a good way to tease people with gratis 3D content and hopefully get them hooked; but what are the chances that they'll invest in a 3D set and glasses if they ever had any doubts to begin with?

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