Sony SmartWatch 2 Is Official: Pairs With Android Phones Over NFC, Ships In Q3

Your move, Apple. Sony has just ushered out what could become the company's most important consumer electronic launch of this decade: the SmartWatch 2. Despite the "2" in the name, most in this era aren't apt to recall the original -- it was a timepiece that shipped a bit before its time. But now, watches are all the rage, and you can bet the masses are going to pay attention to this one. The new watch is said to be the world's first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connectivity, and naturally, it's designed to operate best while paired with an Android phone.

Sony calls it a "second screen" for your smartphone, as it supports a host of apps, handsfree calling, remote photo taking, and offline e-mail reading. Fitness apps also play nice, as do music controls. You'll also get access to Facebook, Twitter, Calendar and messaging notifications, while the NFC chip makes it easy to tap-and-pair with an NFC-infused Android phone. When not connected to your phone, SmartWatch 2 works as a standalone digital watch. Read previously received notifications, access the time, set your alarm or even use as a light when searching for your keys.

Key features for Sony SmartWatch 2

    Screen brightness (sunlight readable)
    Longest battery life for a smartwatch* (battery level indicator shows low battery warning)
    Water-resistant (IP57)
    Easy setup (NFC pairing and connecting)
    Standalone watch functionality
    Standard micro USB cable for charging
    User interface similar to Android UI so it is more intuitive
    Bigger screen with higher resolution (1.6 inch, 220 x 176 pixels)
    High quality materials (aluminium body and stainless steel wristband)
    Extended compatibility (works with most Android phones)
    Swappable wristbands – personalise with any standard 24mm strap

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 will be available worldwide from September 2013, but there's no price to focus on just yet.