Sony Says 'Sayonara' to the PSP Go, Will You Miss It?

Sony this week announced that it's putting to rest its PSP Go handheld game console and will no longer produce or ship additional units once inventory runs out. To anyone who follows the portable gaming scene, this shouldn't come as any surprise, unless you're simply shocked it took Sony this long to throw in the white towel. Despite Sony's lofty ambitions, the PSP Go never lived up to its potential.

The PSP Go was released in 2009 and bucked the trend of previous PSP models by ditching a UMD drive in favor of internal flash memory storage. This meant you had to download games from the PlayStation Store, a tradeoff resulting in a slimmer and lighter design.

Unfortunately for Sony, the PSP Go never really sold well, probably due to its high price tag. Sony priced the unit at $250 at launch, and by the time Sony slashed the price to $200 in October 2010, it was too little too late. Here we are six months later and the PSP Go becomes another notch on the console timeline.