Sony Retires PlayStation 2 In Japan After Selling 150 Million Worldwide

Every dog has its day, and every rose has its thorn. And clearly, every flagship gaming console has its retirement ceremony. Shortly after Sony announced plans to axe a final Walkman cassette player, the company has just announced that the aged PlayStation 2 console has been discontinued in its homeland, Japan. Shipments of the fabled unit have finally ceased, and as soon as the remaining stock gets depleted in Japan, that shelf space will have to be filled with something else.

The PS2 is one of the most storied consoles in history. It has managed to last an astounding 12 years, even lasting several years beyond the introduction of the PlayStation 3. Globally, over 150 million PS2 consoles were purchased, making it the best selling console in history. It's likely that the end of the console's life in Japan means that life elsewhere is about to end. Generally, Sony's moves in its homeland signals changes to come in regions throughout the world.

So, as 2012 draws to a close, what are some of your fondest PS2 memories?
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