Sony Reon Pocket: A Cool Wearable Air Conditioner You Control With Your Smartphone

Personal AC Unit
It's summertime in many parts of the world, and many people are left looking for ways to stay cool. In some places that means on certain days, you can't spend too much time outside. However, Sony has a new product that it is crowdfunding in Japan called the Reon Pocket. The device is a small portable air conditioning and heater unit that you wear in a pocket inside a special shirt meant to help people stay comfortable.
reon pocket desk

The Reon Pocket promises to keep you cool in the hot summer and warm in the chill of winter; it's controlled by an app that runs on your smartphone. Sony is crowdfunding the project on First Flight in Japan and was seeking 66,000,000 yen for the project and has raised 104% of that goal with 21 days to go. The device is aimed at business people who have to wear suits when it's blazing hot during Tokyo summers.

The small device slides into a special pocket inside shirts that are purchased along with the Reon Pocket unit itself. The pockets on the shirts place the unit on the lower neck area. Sony is offering a basic package for backers on First Flight that comes with one shirt for $130. Shirts come in men's sizes only with small, medium, and large available.

reon pocket heat cool

Reon Pocket is powered by a battery and can run for 90 minutes per charge, and a full charge takes two hours. For now, the plan is to launch the device only in Japan with no indication that it will be offered elsewhere. Once the crowdfunding is over, the product will launch sometime next year. One caveat to the device is that it may be difficult to get it out of the pocket in the shirt without taking the Reon Pocket shirt off for some users. Recharging the device while at work if its battery goes dead may be difficult for some. Earlier this month the Sony Walkman turned 40, the Walkman is one of the most iconic products Sony ever produced.