Sony Might Buy Some After You Guys Figure It Out

Sony has announced they're pulling out of the joint research project with Toshiba and IBM to produce microchips scaled at 32 nanometers or less. There are a lot of up-front costs to developing  the technology, and Sony has already moved away from chip production based on existing technology.

The Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment company said last month it would sell to Toshiba its production facilities for making the "Cell" microprocessors and "RSX" graphic chips, both of which are used in its PlayStation 3 game gear.

While it is withdrawing from the joint R&D on technology, Sony said it would continue to work with Toshiba and International Business Machines Corp on design work for cutting-edge chips with 32-nanometre or narrower circuitry.


Got that? If IBM and Toshiba want to fight their way down to 32 nanometers, Sony will hold their coat while they do. And then rifle through their pockets when there's finally something to finally sell to the end user.

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