Sony Looks To Take Half The Domestic E-Book Market In Japan

Sony's Walkman line managed to outsell the iPod in Japan earlier in the year, proving that Japan is still Sony dominated in many ways. The company's struggles globally have been well documented, and particularly in North America, they have been struggling to return to the prime position they had held for so long before the recession.

But now, Sony's going back to their roots. The company will reportedly (based on an Reuters report) re-enter the Japanese e-book market before Christmas, and that will also include the opening of an online bookstore offering 20,000 titles. Nearly all of those titles will be in Japanese, but Sony intends to have it all in place and operational by the "year-end shopping rush."

The Sony Reader e-book will go on sale Dec. 10 for around 20000 Yen (5") or 25000 Yen for a 6" model. Sony's hoping to sell 300,000 e-readers in their first year, and even more, they hope to win "half the domestic market" by 2012. Those are fairly monumental aspirations, but if there's a market anywhere Sony can dominate, it's Japan. No telling if the Kindle or iPad will eat away at their desires, though.