Sony Just Grasping For #3 Spot In Smartphones, Proves Samsung and Apple's Dominance

Still wondering just how tough it is to have a go at the top spot in the smartphone game? Have a listen at this. A new Reuters report claims that Sony is currently aiming to win "third place in smartphone markets around the world," behind the obvious Power Duo of Apple and Samsung. At the end of 2012, Sony came in the four spot with a global share of 4.5%, falling behind Huawei (4.9%) but ahead of ZTE (4.3%). This is most certainly a case where third place wins you little more than a bronze medal. While 3 is only a single digit behind 2, Apple and Samsung combine for over half of the entire market, leaving nothing but scraps for all who fall behind them.

Even for companies like BlackBerry, HTC, and LG -- huge names in the space -- getting more than one or two percent of worldwide market share is going to be an uphill battle. It sure says something when a company like Sony has not a goal of being the best, but simply settling for number three. One has to wonder: is anyone capable of knocking Samsung or Apple off of their hills?