Sony Introduces 400-Disc Blu-ray MegaChangers

With Blu-ray sales on the rise, there's hardly been a better time than now for Sony to introduce its most spacious BD changer yet. The BDP-CX7000ES MegaChanger holds more Blu-ray Discs than have even been made to date: 400. Of course, the slots not filled by Blu-ray Discs can handle DVDs and CDs just fine, but unless you've got tons of time to spend on movies, we guess you'll have a mighty tough time justifying the staggering $1900 price tag. This changer also doubles as a pretty special player, with Full HD 1080/60p output, 24p True Cinema, an RS232 port for custom installs, 7.1 channel audio, Super Bit Mapping and DVD upscaling (to 1080p).

The BDP-CX960 is yet another 400 disc BD/DVD/CD changer, though it comes with a few less extras for those with slightly smaller budgets. Both decks feature an Ethernet port for connecting to local networks and downloading metadata from Gracenote, not to mention accessing BD-Live content. There's also a USB flash drive for connecting local media, and aside from supporting the typical Dolby/DTS audio formats, it can also bit-stream sound via HDMI. You don't lose much with the CX960, but you'll sure pay a lot less; this one will retail for around $800, or half the price of the ES-labeled sibling.

If you can't imagine how you'd ever use 400 disc slots, fret not -- Sony's got you covered there, too. The single-disc BDP-S1000ES Blu-ray player is one of the only BD decks to arrive with Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n). As with the MegaChangers, this player too offers 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema output, DVD upscaling to 1080p, BD-Live support, DLNA streaming, 7.1 audio support, bit-stream output and most of the other features on the BDP-CX7000ES. Unfortunately, the $700 price tag here puts it out of reach for most, but if you're familiar with Sony's ES line, you'll know it caters to the affluent.

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