Sony Drops PSPGo Price To $150

Well, at least no one can complain about the price tag on Sony's PSPgo any longer. Or wait... can they? When Sony's disc-free PlayStation Portable launched, the reactions were mixed. But almost everyone had a reaction of some sort. Some said it was the future of gaming. Others said physical media wasn't dead yet. Over the years, it has been proven that disc-free is still a little ahead of the curve, and while digital downloads are on the rise, people still aren't ready to give up media altogether when it comes to gaming.

Now, Sony has dropped the price on the device to $150, which is quite a fall from the $250 list price at launch. You might say that this price drop is in anticipation of the NGP launch, but it's probably a combination of that and the fact that sales don't seem to be super high. In fact, some reports are suggesting that Sony may be on their way to killing off the Go completely, much like they did with the original Mylo communicator.

Is the original UMD-based PSP still a better bargain? Probably. UMDs are everywhere, and the PSPGo is limited by the amount of onboard storage. With that said, are you planning on grabbing a Go now that it's far cheaper? Or have you set your sights on the NGP at this point?
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