Sony's Next Big PlayStation 5 Restock Is Coming June 17, What You Need To Know

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The PlayStation 5 came out last autumn but many consumers have still found it frustratingly difficult to get their hands on the console. It has been out of stock at many major retailers. However, there seems to be one opportunity coming up that may allow you to finally get the console. Here is how you could potentially purchase a Playstation 5 through Sony Direct this Thursday.

Sony Direct will host an invite-only event on Thursday, June 17th at 3pm ET for consumers to purchase the PS5. Consumers can sign-up for a Sony Direct account and opt-in to receive notifications about news and offers. Users can choose to receive these notifications by clicking on the “Notification” section on their “My Profile" page. This does not promise that you will receive an invitation to this or future events, but it may increase your likelihood.
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Consumers who do score an invite will want to make sure they are online and logged in at 3pm. They will then be placed into a virtual queue. Wait times can be inconsistent and consumers may find that they need to wait anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour.

Consumers should hear a chime once they have reached the front of the queue. They will automatically be redirected to A pop-up should appear if you have been killing time on another tab. We recommend therefore keeping your sound on and not straying too far from your device. Consumers will have ten minutes to complete their transaction. Sony warns that refreshing the page or having multiple tabs with the queue on it will not speed up the process in the least bit. 
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There is a small chance you may be able to buy a PS5 even if you did not sign-up for Sony Direct. Sony eventually opened up the queue to the public during their last similar event. This occurred only a few minutes after the event went live. 

None of this assures that you will be able to purchase a PS5, but this may be one’s current best chance. Retailers have been unable to keep the console on their shelves. The PS5 has reportedly outsold the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S since the launch of both devices last year. It is unclear if or when supply and demand will level out.

Images courtesy of Sony