Sony's New 10-inch DPT-CP1 Digital Paper Tablet Proves It's Not Cheap Being Green

Kermit the Frog famously sang "It's not easy being green", and he should have added that it's not cheap either. Sony has added a new 10-inch model to its Digital Paper line and this thing is essentially a sheet of paper that never runs out. The idea is to help reduce the amount of ink and paper you use, which could be a big deal if you work in an environment where there is typically lots of printing and annotation of physical documents. The new 10-inch Digital Paper model is called the DPT-CP1 and it is meant to be notebook-sized.

sony digi paper

It slips into the Sony Digital Paper line along with the larger pre-existing 13-inch DPT-RP1 and offers the same reading, annotating, and note taking capability that was offered with that original version. Along with the rollout of the smaller Digital Paper product, Sony also has a new Digital Paper Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices. That app offers users quick sharing of documents and notes for on the go folks. The app will launch in June 2018 for both devices.

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New features have been added to both the 10-inch and 13-inch Digital Paper devices:

  • Sony Digital Paper Mobile Application – Smartphone companion app for Android and IOS for easy, convenient transfer of documents, forms and notes.
  • Screen Capture/Display Output Mode2 – Connect via PC or Mac to a projector and display the contents on the Digital Paper screen to a larger audience, including real-time handwriting and mark-up.
  • Interactive PDF and Smart Forms – Populate forms using drop down menus, checkboxes and radio buttons for easy, structured data capture.
  • Page Jump – Enter a page number and go directly to that specific page.
  • Pan and Zoom – Move the display area after a page or portion of the page has been enlarged.
  • Automatic Page Rotation - Each page of a document, book or article is shown based on its aspect ratio to optimize the reading experience.
  • Page Thumbnails Mode – View up to 16 pages at one time, including the page numbers of a document, book or article.

The display of both Digital Paper devices is glare-free making them usable in direct sunlight. The devices are 0.23-inches thick and weigh 8.5 ounces for the 10-inch model and 12.3-ounces for the 13-inch version. Both are designed to give the same feel you get when writing on paper thanks to the non-slip panel. There are two tips included for the stylus with one providing a pen-like feel and the other a pencil-like feel. Internal storage is 16 GB with 11 GB user accessible; Sony says that is enough for 10,000 PDF documents.

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An autosave function saves annotations and hand-written notes to internal memory and the saves are searchable. A print to digital paper function allows users to convert a web page or file such as Word or Excel (among others) to a PDF and save it to the digital paper device. The internal rechargeable battery is good or up to a week, with WiFi and Bluetooth on, per charge. If you turn off WiFi and Bluetooth the battery is good for up to three weeks. The new 10-inch Sony DTP-CP1 sells for $599.99 and the 13.3-inch existing DPT-RP1 sells for $699.99.

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