Sony Developing E-Paper FES Watch That Changes Looks Via Gesture Commands

Wearables are the hottest thing going at the moment, and despite it still being a new area, it already seems like there's not that much differentiation in the market. Sony apparently recognizes this, as it's planning to integrate a technology in some of its wearables that others seem to be overlooking: epaper.

On paper - ahem - it seems like a neat idea. Epaper isn't going to offer the kind of resolution and graphics like a normal smartwatch would, but it could be argued that the result would be far classier. You can get an idea of what we're dealing with in the shot below:

Sony Fes Watch

As seen in the video below, squeezing the watch will force its face and band to change. You'll have a total of 24 designs to choose from, with some looking very similar to one another. I kind of fancy the all-black design, which makes the band look like sewn leather. But, if some night I was in a different mood, I might want the entire watch to be white. It's pretty cool to even have that option, without the use of typical displays that wouldn't look as natural as this does.

In addition to watches, Sony's also interested in creating bow ties, hat accessories, and paper holders. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when any of these products will come out. For that matter, we're not sure of its pricing, either, but on account of the fact that epaper isn't that expensive, these watches won't likely be considered luxury.