Sony Continues Walkman Line With Washable NWZ-W260

There are iconic brands, and there are really iconic brands. Sony's Walkman line is easily one of the most famous of all times, and the new NWZ-W260 keeps the lineage alive. It's a new one-piece, water-resistant W Series Walkman MP3 player for sports enthusiasts, which weighs around 24% less (and is around 2/3 smaller) than the prior model.

It features a rinsable, wearable and water-resistant headphone-style design, perfect for those who just can't stop exercising. The water-resistant frame ensures it can withstand sweat from intense workouts in any weather condition, and it ships with Content Transfer software that allows users to easily drag and drop music files from iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.

Once charged up, it'll last for eight solid house, and it's available in black or white schemes. It'll ship in August for $59.99 (2GB) or $79.99 (4GB).
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