Sony Combines A Bluetooth Speaker With A 360-Lumen LED Light Bulb, Charges ¥24,000 ($199)

Chocolate and peanut butter, football and cheerleaders...light bulbs and wireless stereo speakers? 

Sony today is announcing the May 23 release in 
Japan of its LSPX-100E26J, a LED light bulb through which audio can be played. The company's press release pegs the new product as being a part of their "Life Space UX" product group, showcasing devices that "take advantage of space itself to create a new experience, aiming to do so by fusion of light and sound" (roughly translated from the Japanese). 

 "How many _______ does it take to screw in a music-spewing light bulb?"

In an installation example that is certain to get audiophile fingers a-tinglin' and toes a-tappin' (salivation may occur, too), Sony describes a scenario for their new light bulb speakers in which the devices are installed in the kitchen, the bathroom, bedrooms, the living room, dining room...anywhere a person can expect to find a source of illumination they can now experience not only light but sound too. And, of course, the installation process itself could hardly be easier.


Control of Sony's new wrinkle on Thomas Edison's brainchild is accomplished via a dedicated NFC-equipped remote control that is included in the package, or users can opt to adjust dimming and volume using an app on any Bluetooth 3.0-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC).


The LSPX-100E26J throws off light at up to 360lm (lumens) and offers clear sound at up to 40mm caliber by full-range speakers of 2W. And despite the speaker being fixed in front of the light source, its optical design ensures that it doesn't block illumination.

Sony's LSPX-100E26J is listing at ¥24,000 ($199), though there is no word at this time when — or even if — the light-bulb speaker hybrid will be available for purchase outside of Japan.