Sony Chairman Howard Stringer To Resign in June

You might recall that Sir Howard Stringer stepped aside as Sony CEO around this time last year, with Kazuo Hirai taking over that office. But in the shuffle, Stringer remaining on as a head honcho at the company -- notable, as Executive Chairman. Stringer has been a fixture of Sony for many years now, and while the company is arguably worse off now than it was when he stepped in, the video game and music industries as a whole have transformed in ways that no one could've seen coming. At any rate, it looks as if Stringer is set to detach himself from Sony entirely in the near future.

He started at Sony way back in 1997, practically an era ago in technological measurements, and led as the top man for 7 years. Here's his quote upon deciding to leave: "A new world is opening up for me, too, one that allows me to complete my plan to retire from Sony, which I expect to do at the conclusion of my term later this year. That will allow me to move forward with new opportunities Ive been presented with lately."

While we're sure Sony executives will toss Stringer a party on the way out, we doubt anyone will be upset that he's leaving. If Sony's going to enter this brave new world, having some fresh minds at top might not hurt.