Sony Brings Water-Resistant Xperia Advance Smartphone To America

Looking for an Android smartphone? You've got plenty of options. Looking for an Android smartphone that'll withstand a monsoon? Your options just got a lot less plentiful. Thankfully, Sony's out to serve Americans who need precisely that, with the water-resistant Xperia Advance coming to the U.S. The phone boasts the highest level of dust and water resistance available on any Android smartphone, along with a "Reality Display" that's seemingly engineered to rival Apple's Retina Display. It has a scratch-resistant mineral glass display and meets the IP67 ratings for protection against dust and water immersion in depths between zero to 39 inches for up to 30 minutes. Not saying you'll definitely need it, but hey, it could come in handy in emergencies.

The Xperia advance is available now at Newegg and other online retailers, and at just $299.99 in unlocked form, it's one of the cheaper Android options out there with no strings attached. Splish, splash!

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