Sony BMG Signs with We7

What's up with Sony BMG? Of late, they seem to be open to trying new ideas which, based on their rootkit-like DRM and other issues in the past, seem out of character. First they sign a deal with Amazon MP3 for all DRM-free music, and now this!

From the end of April, We7's users will be able to stream music, on demand and for free with a short audio advert before each track, from the extensive Sony BMG catalogue. The label will also make available to stream on demand new releases from its current roster of artists. Initially the streaming service will only be available to existing registered users of We7, before it is rolled out to new subscribers.

We7 will now feature music from internationally successful artists including Bruce Springsteen, Westlife and Foo Fighters and top selling British talent such as Mark Ronson, Kasabian and Leona Lewis. Sony BMG's reputation for discovering and developing exciting new talent such as The Hoosiers and The Ting Tings will also compliment We7's commitment to unearthing new and exciting artists.

It's unclear what exactly "existing registered users" means.  Does that mean if you sign up before the additional service goes live, or does that mean only those already members, as of today?

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