Sony BMG Confirms Silly Set-Up for DRM-free D/Ls

Sony has confirmed what was rumored last week: DRM-free downloads are coming.  The silly part is you have to go to a retail brick-and-mortar store first.

The No. 2 record company after Universal Music will sell plastic cards, called Platinum MusicPass, for individual albums for a suggested price of $12.99. Buyers enter a code from the card at new Sony BMG site to download that card's album.

Best Buy, Target and Fred's stores will be first to sell them. By Jan. 31, they'll be in Winn-Dixie, Coconuts, FYE, Spec's and Wherehouse. Like gift cards, MusicPass cards are activated at the store.

Sony BMG initially will offer cards for 37 albums by performers including Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Brown, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Jennifer Lopez and Santana.

This is such a great idea (insert sarcasm here).  I mean, you drive to the store, get a card, go back home, and can use only MusicPass.  Wow.  And you can only choose from 37 albums.  Wow again.

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