Sony And Google Team Up For More Android Products: Could A Tablet Be On Deck?

Sony and Android, just like two peas in a pod? Sony Ericsson has been known to install Android on select phones, but that's really the extent of the relationship up until now. But after Google's Google TV announcement last week, it seems as Sony and Google are now signed up to be buddy-buddy in a lot of respects. What we're looking at here is quite possibly yet another tech shift that'll have a ripple effect throughout this decade. Outside of storing files for access elsewhere, the "cloud" really hasn't had a second purpose worth focusing on. But with names like Google, Microsoft and now Sony getting behind it, we could very well see an explosion of cloud-enabled applications and devices.

Both Sony and Google have just announced a new partnership (an "alliance," as they say) to "provide a range of new and rich entertainment experiences that combine Google's open-source Android OS platform with Sony's expertise in technology and product design." Both companies will be exploring the joint development of compelling new Android-based hardware products for the home, mobile and personal product categories. That sounds quite promising, particularly when you think about items like the Sony Dash; if Sony can continue to produce new and unique home items, with Google's robust Android OS as the controlling system, we may finally see the revitalization of Sony that we've all been waiting for.

The alliance is mostly pie-in-the-sky right now. Outside of the Android-based Sony Internet TV slated to launch this Fall, there's no actual products on deck between the two. But that's going to change soon, and it could very well leapfrog Sony's product line above the others who are relying on less powerful, less open proprietary operating systems.

And don't even get us started on the promise of a Sony Android Tablet. Talk about a potential iPad killer.