Sony Adds Loads Of New Features To Tablet S In Android 4.0.3 Update

With the iPad grabbing the lion's share of the tablet market in the States, it's easy to forget that there's an entire other tablet market out there. But the Android tablet universe is growing, and Sony's hoping to not get left behind. The company's Tablet S is seeing a big update today, bringing the software to Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which opens up a new universe of extra features. For starters, there's a new Guest Mode, which enables users to create additional modes for your friends, children, family members, etc. You can restrict or grant access to specific apps, and you can customize the wallpaper and icon layout for them.

There's also a new suite of media player applications, with new designs and extra playback functionality. There's also additions to the Small Apps platform, which allows users to overlay a small browser, IR remote, calculator, voice recorder and timeron top of another app. You can also register and use widgets as small apps now. The Remote Control app now features macro functionality, with users able to add six programmable macro keys, which allow the ability to turn on multiple devices, including TV, Blu-ray Disc player and audio system. You can also now choose a different skin for each device so you can easily distinguish between them.

There's even more to love for existing owners, as described below.

  •     New widgets, including Topics – You will also notice new large widgets added to the Home Screen. These show more content, including Topics.
  •     Socialife – Social Feed Reader Cloud has been revamped as Socialife. This social news magazine app helps you discover your favorite news, videos and social networking feeds in one place.
  •     Watch Now – Make sure you download this app from Google Play™. Watch Now provides an interactive, visual program guide fueled by personal preference and real-time trends from your social media feeds. You can use it to discover new shows based on intelligent recommendations from the app, change the channel with a flick of your finger or share your thoughts on what you are watching via Twitter™, Facebook® or Get Glue.
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