SonicWALL Helps Businesses Avoid Spam With New Offering

SonicWALL is working to help you and your business avoid spam with its new Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) 2.0. CASS 2.0 features one-click deployment. It is compatible with existing firewalls and features a full implementation of SonicWALL's inbound anti-spam solution. According to the company, the SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service can stop over 80% of unwanted content at the gateway. Any remaining junk email is then filtered through advanced anti-spam techniques. Other key features of CASS 2.0 include the ability to create allow and block lists for people, companies, and address books; support for multiple LDAP servers; a faster search engine; and improvements to the junk store.

SonicWALL Integrates Its Industry-leading Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service into Firewall Appliances for Small-and-Medium-Sized Businesses

CASS 2.0 Eliminates Virtually All Spam; Helps Businesses Lower Costs and Drive Productivity

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- SonicWALL, Inc. a leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today unveiled its Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) 2.0 giving small-to-medium-sized businesses unparalleled and comprehensive protection against spam and malicious code. CASS 2.0 is fully integrated with SonicWALL's Unified Threat Management Firewalls and can be quickly deployed over existing SonicWALL® appliances. The new version features one-click deployment, personal configuration and compatibility with existing firewalls to offer businesses enterprise-class spam protection at a fraction of the cost of other fully-featured anti-spam services. CASS 2.0 is not a stripped down anti-spam service or block list, but rather a full implementation of SonicWALL's award-winning inbound anti-spam solution.

The steady increase in junk email worldwide has resulted in nearly 94% of global email being unwanted or malicious correspondence such as spam, phishing and malware infected messages. Our internal tests indicate that the SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service offers more than 99% protection against spam, stops over 80% of unwanted content at the gateway, prevents any potential latency on email servers, and filters any remaining junk email through advanced anti-spam techniques such as Adversarial Bayesian filtering. CASS 2.0 speeds deployment, eases administration and reduces overhead and provides one-click anti-spam services with advanced configuration in generally under 10 minutes. And, since it is integrated directly into SonicWALL firewalls, the service eliminates the need to add anti-spam appliances into the network.

"Spam kills productivity and exposes users to security threats. While top quality anti-spam solutions have addressed the menace, they have traditionally required unwanted hardware costs and needed IT managers to learn multiple solution interfaces," said Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product management and corporate marketing at SonicWALL. "The SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service solves both problems. It's integrated directly into the hardware so there are no new hardware costs or interfaces to learn. And, it is the same top quality award-winning solution deployed by some of the world's largest enterprises. We believe that by bringing a great enterprise quality solution to the SMB, we are going to help a lot of businesses stay productive and safe, while saving them a lot of money."

Key new features of CASS 2.0 include:

  • Allow/Block Lists: Enables administrators to develop "Allow" and "Block" lists for people, companies, lists and address books on both a global and per-user basis
  • LDAP Integration: Integrates support for multiple LDAP servers enabling enhanced user management
  • Improved Search: A new, faster search engine with improved user interface
  • Junk Store Improvements: Including junk summary, global and per user configurations, user view and admin control setup, and configurable installed host for junk store

"Spam was rampant in our business. I would come in on a Monday and easily spend half an hour cleaning out my mailbox," said Myk Lougee, general manager at MCR Technologies. "With the introduction of CASS 2.0, we drastically cut the amount of spam coming into our business which had a huge impact on user productivity. CASS 2.0 is not only easy to implement and straightforward to set up, but it pretty much does everything by itself."

The SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service features complete inbound anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-malware, GRID IP Reputation, Advanced Content Management, Denial of Service prevention, full quarantine and customizable per-user junk summaries.

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