Something Cool For HH Fans

A few years back, when Intel launched its enthusiast-class, dual-CPU powered behemoth, codenamed Skulltrail, we were among the small group of tech publications that were given an opportunity to evaluate the platform before it hit the market. At the time, when two of Intel’s fastest quad-cores were installed in the D5400XS motherboard that was the foundation of the platform, Skulltrail proved to be the most powerful configuration available to enthusiasts for CPU-intensive workloads.

In our conclusion of that article, we called Skulltrail, “A beast in every sense of the word”, which was true on many levels. But that sentence was also catchy enough to grab the attention of some top brass at Intel, because it was quoted in an advertisement that appeared on the front pages of The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times a few weeks later, to coincide with retail availability of the products.

It’s not often that something we’ve written has appeared on the front page of prestigious publications like these, so needless to say we were pretty excited when we found out Intel planned to use the quote in that ad. Needless to say, we saved a few copies and have finally gotten around to having them framed.

This may not be hot tech news worthy of the front page, but we wanted to share it with you all nonetheless—even if we are WAY late with it! Now, to find a spot to hang this thing...