Someone Built An Entire PC Out Of Cardboard And It's Pretty Fricken Amazing

Sometimes, it's enlightening to see what people are willing to do in order to bring the rest of us joy. Take stop motion animation, for example. It can take tens or hundreds of tedious hours to produce something that's worth watching. When watching a video like that, though, it's easy to have an idea of what to expect. Other times, you might have no idea what's coming, such as with a video posted at the end of October by YouTube user Mickey W.

To give people a chance at winning one of its 34UC87C ultra-wide monitors, LG hosted a contest to get people to build computers out of cardboard. You no doubt already have some images springing to mind. Mickey W took things to the next level, though. His attention to detail is simply extraordinary. The motherboard is complete with capacitors and ports, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card even has a working light.

Cardboard PC

Do yourself a favor, and take a few minutes to watch. We'd recommend placing your fist under your jaw to avoid spontaneous dropping.

For those who can't see the video, the PC's creator took care of pretty much every single component you can think of. He even created a CPU cooler, and working power button. As if the PC itself wasn't enough, he even built a monitor and smartphone!

Unfortunately, Mickey W didn't win the competition. Based on the video description, it seems like it could have been due to the fact that it was a late entry. That's really unfortunate, but the upside is, this video should bring joy to many around the world for some time to come.

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