Some New York Restaurants Banning Food Photography, No More Facebook Feasts

There's just something about a delicious looking meal that compels people to whip out their smartphone, snap a picture, and upload it to a social network, like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Your friends and family can instantly see what you're about to devour before you've taken the first bite. Such is the connected world we live in, though don't be surprised if you're told to put your phone away.

According to a CBS report in New York, some local restaurants are banning photos of their food. It's not because the restaurants are embarrassed about what they're dishing up -- and if they are, don't expect them to admit it -- but it has to do with etiquette and ambiance.

In-N-Out Burger
Double-Double and fries with animal spread at In-N-Out Burger in Kingman, Arizona

"It can shatter the experience when you're asking your fiancé to marry you, and a flash is going off at a table next door," David Bouley, owner of Bouley Restaurant, told CBS New York.

Bouley isn't totally unsympathetic to patrons who want to capture their dish with a digital photograph. He's in the process of setting up a system where a picture will be part of the meal, delivered before they pay their check.

Frutti di Mare at Mangia Mangia in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Other restaurants in the area have taken a similar stance against cell phone pictures, claiming it causes a distraction for other patrons. But is that the only reason? There are some theories floating around, one of which suggests some restaurants are afraid patrons will intentionally mess up their food before taking a photo. Another concern, on the part of chefs, is that it's difficult to take a decent picture in a dimly lit restaurant.

What's your take on all this?