SOE Loses Another Huge Name

To say that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), developers of many of the most notable MMOs, has had a brain drain over the past few years is a massive understatement.  They've lost any number of great talents, and had to dig deep to bring some, such as Brad McQuaid, back.

It seems that the latest person to be moving on will be Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer of EverQuest II, a game that has required us to upgrade our hardware more than almost any other.  We're still not sure we think our systems run it as well as we'd like, but it isn't as if we need a reason to upgrade when new gear hits the streets anyhow.

Here's a tidbit from his personal web site:

“I’ve never been a fan of saying goodbye, but it’s time. Today is my last day here at SOE.
In addition, I’d like to say thank you.
Thank you all for playing in these worlds that I’ve had the chance to touch over the past years.
Thank you for your boundless dedication and passion to what it is that we’ve all created here.
To many of you, thank you for your friendship. A lot of you have been nothing short of an extended family over the past years. I will miss you all.”

Scott openly admits that he'll continue working on building MMOs, and quite possibly continue working with SOE somewhere down the road.  Considering that SOE has made it a priority to collect potentially profitable MMORPGs when they can, we have a feeling that seeing Mr. Hartsman and SOE in the same sentence again is a distinct possibility.

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