SnapStream Introduces World's Largest DVR

If you thought TiVo or your DVR was cool, you're going to love this. SnapStream has put together a DVR that's capable of recording 50 channels at the same time onto over 100TB of storage. The company is touting this unnamed beast as the "world's largest DVR," and we're inclined to believe them. After all, the storage capacity is equivalent to 326 TiVo Premier boxes.

The unit plugs in with a single coax cable feed from your local cable company and requires two 15amp power plugs and a 10GB Ethernet (or up to 8 bonded 1GB ports) uplink. The unit takes advantage of SnapStream's clustering technology which designates one SnapStream node as the master. The other nodes can be designated to perform a variety of functions.

Recognizing that 100TB of recorded TV isn't useful unless you can easily find and access a clip on demand, the giant SnapStream DVR cluster uses the company's TV search technology which lets you search about 115,200 hours of recorded TV (or about 13 years worth of TV recordings). The DVR also has ShowSqueeze, the company's built-in transcoding feature that lets you take recordings in MPEG-2 and convert them to H.264 or Windows Media formats.

As we mentioned, this DVR doesn't have a name just yet; the company is holding a contest to see who can come up with the best name for it. Although you won't win the DVR (hey – it probably wouldn't fit in your entertainment center anyway), the winning submission will get an Apple iPad 16GB.

For anyone who's attending the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas next week (April 12-15), you can check this bad boy out in person.

Stats Quick View (Maximum Configuration):

Xeon Processors


2tb Hard Drives


Raw Space


Raid Storage


Total Storage 24×7 Recording*

115,200 hours = ~13 Years

Storage Per Tuner

96 Days

*Assuming a recording quality of 2mbit/s.

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