SnapChat's Pricey Spectacles 3 Pair A Sleek New Design With 3D Recording Capabilities

SnapChat Spectacles 3
SnapChat has once again redesigned its Spectacles, both in form and function. The newly announced Spectacles 3 feature a sleeker and more stylish look than either of the two previous generation models, also up the ante with dual high definition cameras to "capture depth and dimension the way our eyes do," in three dimensions.

"Spectacles 3 are equipped with two HD cameras to capture Snaps in 3D and transform them with 3D Effects, inspiring creativity like never before," SnapChat says.

There are two versions of the new Spectacles. The Carbon version features a monochromatic black with a semi-matte finish and glossy details, while the Mineral model (shown in the image at the top of this article) uses a "tone inspired by cosmetic hues with a hint-of-gold frame."

This is the first time that SnapChat's Spectacles have been able to capture depth through hardware. The company will leverage this capability through a new suite of homegrown 3D effects, and sometime later this year, third-party developers will be able to get in on the action with their own custom 3D effects.

From a construction standpoint, the new Spectacles employ a "strong, lightweight frame with circular lenses and adjustable acetate tips." Overall, the newest generation Spectacles look to be a worthy upgrade, both in terms of the physical design and the 3D capability. However, they are anything but cheap.

You can preorder the Spectacles 3 now, provided you are willing to fork over $380. That is more than triple the price of the original Spectacles, and more than double the cost of the Spectacles 2.