Snapchat Returns Feed to Reverse Chronological Order For Some Users

One of the most controversial things that Snapchat has done in its history was to move from the traditional reverse chronological order to a feed that was sorted using an algorithm. Many hated this change because they wanted to see the newest posts from friends at the top, not what Snapchat thought was most important to place at the top of their feed.


Reports are coming in that for some users the algorithm has been tossed out and the stories are sorted in reverse chronological order with the newest posts at the top again. Users who are seeing the feed change report that the chronological Stories feed is seen in the design where there are just Stories and All tabs and the design with separate Stories and Chat tabs.

The downside to the reverse chronological order is that you will see people who post the most at the top of your feed and can miss posts from people more important to you who post less frequently. The algorithm sorting that Snapchat has been using was designed to put people you watched Stories from or chatted with the most at the top of your feed.

With social media stars and brands that you don’t interact with in the Discover section, chronological Stories list is working better than it did in the past. Snapchat is growing with younger users flocking to the network instead of rivals like Facebook. It's not clear if this change is temporary, how many people are seeing it, or if the change will roll out to all users.